I bought a stack, and I want to return two items and not the others. Can I do that?
Yes, you can return the partial stack. Please refer to the return policy. above for more information.

I got a super-discounted post-purchase offer with a tiered free item. I want to return the products, but keep the free tiered item. Will you be charged?
You will not be charged, but the retail value of the free-tiered item will be discounted from your refund.

Can I return regular-priced items and keep the special offer?
Unfortunately, the purchase of a normally priced item is required to qualify. for a special victim. If you return the regular-priced items, you are welcome to keep the special offer; however, the retail value of the A special offer will be deducted from your refund.

Why do I need to purchase return shipping?
Unfortunately, we do not provide shipping labels at this time.

Why is my shipping not eligible for a refund?
Initial shipping costs are paid directly to the carrier (DHL, UPS, POST). NORD, etc.), so unfortunately we are only able to refund the cost of the product returned.

Do you have to return the free samples?
No, you are welcome to keep the free samples. Enjoy!